Message from the Executive Director

Mental illness and addictions are like any other illness. There are effective treatments and supportive services that enable the individual with mental illness to adapt and live a satisfying life in the community.

Everyone needs to feel loved and respected, to be useful and to have control over one’s life. Riverwood assists people with behavioral health issues to meet these goals, providing a foundation on which to build. At Riverwood, members find both a home and an opportunity to participate fully in their communities. Members have jobs, interact with their families, socialize with friends, pursue hobbies and interests, work out at the YMCA, belong to clubs, and participate in religious activities. Some are involved in volunteer programs, such as delivering Meals on Wheels to people who are home-bound. Others use their considerable talents participating in a well-known musical group.

We believe the success of Riverwood’s programs is a direct result of our ability to establish and maintain good therapeutic relationships with our members. Our staff has the training, supervision and support that are necessary to provide the most effective evidential treatment options. An important component of recovery is having a choice of service providers. People who have chosen Riverwood rate us at the highest levels in helping each person to gain greater control of their own lives, and in overall consumer satisfaction. Riverwood’s services are consistently ranked at the top of outcome evaluations and comparisons conducted by the Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH).

Most individuals with behavioral health issues can recover. Riverwood’s services are directed to meet people’s needs and enable them to achieve and enjoy the highest quality of life. Riverwood is a private non profit provider of high quality community-based behavioral health services for adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Our Housing First RI Program serves the chronic homeless who may or may not have behavioral health issues.

Services are provided state wide out of our offices located in Warren and Providence.


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