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Riverwood Becomes a Partner in a New RI Mental Health Network

A new statewide network, Horizon Healthcare Partners (HHP), has been created to provide behavioral healthcare and related services by an affiliation of four existing agencies, NRI Community Services, The Kent Center, The Newport County Community Mental Health Center and Riverwood Mental Health Services.

According to Horizon Board Chair, Judge Stephen P. Erickson, “HHP will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities and provide the highest level of care, HHP will be able to compete in every market and provide a broad range of services throughout the state. Our four agencies have decided that a closely integrated network of community based and community managed service providers is not only the most efficient answer, but the answer that is best for the state of RI as well”.

Riverwood will be represented on the Horizon Board by Jessica Cigna and Michael Tauber, current and immediate past Riverwood Presidents, and by Executive Director, Dan Kubas-Meyer.

Jessica remarked, “Collaboration in Horizon Healthcare Partners is a win for Riverwood and a win for Rhode Island. Riverwood will continue to shine as a leader in its commitment to community based mental health services. The partnership provides us an advantage to seek opportunities as a large organization while maintaining our unique brand of service”. What makes it different? HHP will be:

Comprehensive … with four established service providers that have expertise in providing both comprehensive and special market and niche services.

Statewide… those in need will be able to get clinical services wherever they need them.

Community based and consumer driven …based on the community provider model, local boards with consumer participation are maintained as a key organizational value.

Experienced … with a cadre of seasoned mental health professionals in management and clinical roles, HHP members know their communities well and have worked to respond to their needs for decades.

Patient centered and recovery focused … with a belief that people can recover from a mental illness, and the community based provider is the best home to provide for wellness and recovery.

And, financially efficient, … as a result of the consolidation of back office functions and the leveraging of housing and job resources, peer support, and the integration of substance abuse, mental health and health promotion services.



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