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Where a Safe Environment Connects with Community Resources

Group homes in Barrington and Portsmouth provide a safe setting for people to begin their transition to living independently as they work on their recovery. The Tiverton group home provides residential treatment for older people with mental illness who also have medical issues often related to the aging process.

Each residential treatment home provides a safe, secure, comfortable, home-like environment where the residents are empowered to take control of their own lives. Support is provided within the home and residents are given the opportunity to make connections and form bonds with external supports such as the YMCA, church, volunteer groups and other community organizations that will help them become true members of the larger community. The homes are integrated into residential neighborhoods with access to public transportation and community resources.

Riverwood group residences are BHDDH licensed and CARF accredited. All three provide case management services and coordination of medical care along with an array of supportive services.The needs of the whole person are considered, not just his or her mental health status. Medical needs and psychiatric needs are often interwoven and nursing staff work with physicians, specialists, dentists, and other medical professionals to ensure that all medical needs are met. Substance use issues and legal issues are also addressed as needed in the focus on recovery.

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