• Riverwood's Mission

    To improve the quality of life for persons who experience significant and persistent behavioral health issues
    or chronic homelessness by providing and/or coordinating a range of residential and community based services that focus on recovery, wellness and personal growth.

    Riverwood's Vision

    Established by the Riverwood Board of Directors

    • •We will be the agency that sets the benchmark for performance standards
    • •We will grow and expand our services without compromising our quality
    • •We will be the employer of choice in the field
    • •We will identify real community needs and provide services to meet them appropriate to our vision
  • Message from the Executive Director

    Mental illness and addictions are like any other illness. There are effective treatments and supportive services that enable the individual with mental illness to adapt and live a satisfying life in the community.

    Everyone needs to feel loved and respected, to be useful and to have control over one’s life. Riverwood assists people with behavioral health issues to meet these goals, providing a foundation on which to build. At Riverwood, members find both a home and an opportunity to participate fully in their communities. Members have jobs, interact with their families, socialize with friends, pursue hobbies and interests, work out at the YMCA, belong to clubs, and participate in religious activities. Some are involved in volunteer programs, such as delivering Meals on Wheels to people who are home-bound. Others use their considerable talents participating in a well-known musical group.

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  • Riverwood Becomes a Partner
    in a New RI Mental Health Network

    A new statewide network, Horizon Healthcare Partners (HHP), has been created to provide behavioral healthcare and related services by an affiliation of four existing agencies, NRI Community Services, The Kent Center, The Newport County Community Mental Health Center and Riverwood Mental Health Services.

    According to Horizon Board Chair, Judge Stephen P. Erickson, “HHP will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities and provide the highest level of care, HHP will be able to compete in every market and provide a broad range of services throughout the state. Our four agencies have decided that a closely integrated network of community based and community managed service providers is not only the most efficient answer, but the answer that is best for the state of RI as well”.
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  • Dan Kubas-Meyer receiving a check from Governor Chaffee
    for Riverwoods portion ot this years Legislative grant
    providng an increase in funds for rental subsidies for the homeless.

  • Everyone Deserves A Home CD

    All proceedes from sales go to support Riverwood Mental Health Services

    Everyone Deserves A Home will help to raise awareness of Rhode Island’s homeless population and the already successful homeless recovery efforts of Riverwood’s Housing First program. The program provides permanent supportive housing, quality services and substantial monetary savings to the state and tax payers. Through your support, we can continue to push for Rhode Island to be the first state to be completely recovered of homelessness!

    The project features original music by Kingston 530, Michelle Cruz Quartet, James Thomas, MOGA, Lara Herscovitch, Mr. Chubb, Ronnee Ringquist, Alex Agronick, 5th Elament, Beth Desombre, Jan Luby, and Robert Johnson Howard.

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An informative collection of videos featuring interviews with experts focused on ending homelessness.